About Us.

With a commitment to supporting healthy beverages and a vision to providing the highest quality, all natural and nutritional products Smoo® Smoothies were introduced to the United States in 2012.

Together with our dedicated team, we have developed a very unique range of products that utilise the patented technology (still pending in North America) that combines all the ingredients of a great smoothie into an individually pre-portioned pack that contains real fruit pieces, low fat frozen yogurt or sorbet, fruit juice and even the ice, which, when blended with water produces a smoothie that rivals any top juice bar.

This proprietary system has also allowed Smoothie Inc. to extend its range into Frappes and Shakes. With just a blender, Smoo® products deliver a freshly blended, great tasting beverage that is quick to make, cost efficient and has no waste.

From multinational food chains, to hotels and schools, we share an excellence in delivering the highest quality product. Today, we strive to bring a refreshing Smoothie Inc experience to every customer with each and every Smoo® Product.